Wat zeggen onze klanten?

Als esthetische arts ben ik in contact gekomen met de firma Jovilux daar ze de Belgische distributeur zijn van het Venus Concept Energy devices. De aanschafprijzen zijn gunstig voor compacte, mooi design, high tech toestellen. Het Venus Versa platform is een onmisbare meerwaarde in mijn esthetische praktijk. De firma Aesthetix+ staat voor een hartelijk, passioneel familiebedrijf waar je als arts niet gereduceerd wordt tot aankoper. Regelmatig worden er workshops georganiseerd met internationale sprekers. De naservice is excellent. Op termijn kan dit alleen maar leiden dat Venus Concept hier even populair wordt dan in Amerika.

Dr. Alexander Szajek

The goal is to help my patients maintain their health and feeling of well being, and when they also love their results, that’s very rewarding. Venus Legacy™ makes it easy for the doctor to accomplish their goals; it has the distinction of allowing the physician, rather than the product, to control and customize the treatment to each patient’s needs. Best of all, Venus Legacy™ results are immediate, long-lasting, pain-free, and require no downtime

Dr. Steven Zimmet

Patients are getting such remarkable results from Venus Viva™ and looking years younger, with no surgery, that they’re not concerned about the little downtime. I’m talking about maybe two days where they’re slightly red...this is minimal downtime for such dramatic results.

Dr. Tess Mauricio, M Beauty Clinic by Dr. Tess

Venus Concept is a great company. I’m really impressed with the sales and marketing teams and their entire management group. They’re very helpful and extremely responsive, which is most important to a physician. Any time we have questions or need more marketing materials, they’re there for us. They stand behind their devices, which are truly impressive for revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin.

Dr. Craig Ziering, Ziering Medical

Another terrific plus for our patients and our practice, Venus Legacy™ is so synergistic with all other treatments we use. For example, I use Venus Legacy™ after every liposuction procedure because we get better results. It decreases swelling and helps tighten the skin. We also advise all our patients receiving laser treatments that they, too, should improve the tightening of their skin. No wonder they call Venus Legacy™ a powerhouse

Dr. Jason Emer

Venus Viva™ is a remarkable tool, not only for diminishing frowns, crow’s feet, or puckering lip lines, but for correcting skin conditions that are often as embarrassing to my patients as they are noticeable: enlarged pores, acne scars, rosacea, poor texture, and uneven tone. 

Dr. Reuel Aspecio, Summerlin Dermatology

While there are many types of cellulite requiring specific treatments, here at Marina Plastic Surgery, we’re using Venus Legacy™ frequently on the thighs, legs, and lower extremities. It’s a wonderful treatment for the Type II cellulite, which appears wavy rather than pitted...We’re seeing a real smoothing of the patient’s legs. We love it.

Dr. Grant Stevens, Marina Plastic Surgery

I’m really excited about Venus Viva™ technology. This is the first NanoFractional Radio Frequency technology to offer great progress in treating mild wrinkling and an excellent addition to our treatment for acne scarring and melasma

Dr. Neil Sadick, Sadick Dermatology
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